About Villa Matahari

Villa Matahari is a sumptuous, two storeys, four bedroom villa, characterized by open air tropical living rooms and an abundance of light, glass and space.

This contemporary property embraces symmetry and exudes style, fusing some of the traditional Balinese architectural elements: like the pavilions, and the four sloped roofs, with the modern concept of space and featuring crisp white walls, white terrazzo floors, iron wood shingle roofs and decks, and high quality furnishings.

This luxurious property with 2.600 m2 garden areas and 1.200 m2 of built areas, is ideal for weddings and events. It was completed in 2009 and has an interconnecting garden door to its sister villa, which presents a contrasting décor and theme next door. Both villas can therefore be rented together, presenting accomodation for up to 18 people.

Entrance & Living Room Pavilion

The main access to the house, leads to the Entrance Hall through two huge ironwood sliding doors, that when opened, allow to see a handmade stone waterfall and the symbol of the house, an antique wooden carved retro-illuminated Matahari, which in Bahasa Indonesia means “sun” coming from Mata = eye and Hari = day, “the eye of the day”. The hall is flanked by two ponds with two enormous `made in situ´ white stone Buddha heads, acting as waterfalls. When bordering this entrance waterfall is when all the dimensions and beauty of Villa Matahari are uncovered to greet its guests.

The living room pavilion is open on three sides serving not only as the main living area but also as the distributor to the different pavilions composing the property. The living area itself is the central focus. Aligned with the swimming pool and overlooking the garden, it is cooled by three ceiling fans. Presiding the space, there is a sitting Buddha which is lightened during the night reflecting its image in the swimming pool water giving and extraordinary sense of peace and tranquility.

The living room is furnished with a large sofa, 4 large individual low armchairs, two side teak wood tables and a huge teak wood center table decorated with a large round glass vase that the staff fills with flowers to greet the guests. Several polychrome Javanese statues and two Balinese 'rindik' bamboo xylophones inviting to be played, decorate the area. Two antique gongs flank the sides of the living room serving as visual separators from the two large stair cases that lead to the Main Suites.

Two huge fish ponds with their own waterfalls separate the Dining pavilion and the TV & Tea pavilion and are used also as an ingenious system of cross ventilation to cool the ambience when the passing breeze evaporates the water.

Garden & Pool

The 18 m x 6,40 m swimming pool is a stunning feature completes the symmetry of the property. The swimming pool has 4 side overflow edges working as flat mirror over the black volcanic stone of the external walls and light green stones on the inside.

The swimming pool has a specially designed shallow area for kids of 2 m x 6,40 m. The maximum depth in the rest of the swimming pool is 1,60 m in the center and 1.40 on the sides.

The interior green stones aided with the light of 10 powerful pool lamps invite to swim during the night when the magical atmosphere of Villa Matahari is revealed.

The ironwood pool deck flanked by a pair of atmospheric, gas-fired stone fire bowls, which are lit at sunset, the meticulously designed illumination of the villa, the reflection of the Buddha in the water, and the moon light through the coconut trees will give you so many nights to remember that you would like to come back every year.

The large garden with its flat lawn is ideal for weddings, and celebrations or for kids to play. A central, open air lounge presents an additional chillout area; it is sheltered by a roof, and presides over the pool.

TV & Tea Pavilion

The open plan design incorporates a TV lounge, accessed by wide stepping stones over an ornamental pond with golden fish inside and is furnished with a daybed, a rattan center table, several wooden stools, a massage chair, and an antique Balinese fighting cock bird cage. The wall is decorated with a collection of Balinese hats, and a ceiling fan crowns the area to cool the ambience if needed. This TV lounge is equipped with a flat LCD TV with International satellite channels and a DVD player. A guest toilet is also located in the TV Lounge.

Behind the TV lounge is located the Tea lounge. This cozy space is furnished with 2 comfortable rattan sofas and cheslong, a remarkable center table made with the trunk section of a teak tree, a bird cage, a collection of ceramic vessels filled with tropical plants and another ceiling fan to cool the space. The Tea Lounge is the perfect place for a more intimate chat, taking a delicious nap, or just having a relaxing cup of tea while watching the birds and squirrels drinking water from the pool.

The Dining Pavilion

Opposite to the TV and Tea lounge, the Dining pavilion is accessed by another set of rough terrazzo stepping over another pond with golden fish inside, and is furnished with a table for ten. A polish cement built in bar with an antique wooden Bird of Paradise preside the area.

The Kitchen

The fully equipped modern kitchen is self contained and located close to the dining area for ease of service. It contains all of the facilities that the chef requires for the preparation of delicious meals, innovative buffets, and party snacks.

Fine crockery and cutlery are complemented by a set of glasses for every type of drink. 

Staff Quarters

A laundry room with an open patio is located behind the kitchen and has a direct access from the parking area. This room as well as the staff toilet and dressing room are reserved for the private use of the staff.

A convenient storage room is also located behind the main building next to the main access of the villa. This room, as well as two open patios, is used by the gardener and engineering staff to store their tools and other equipment to run the villa properly.

The office, also for private use of the staff to handle the villa, is located on the ground floor with direct access to the parking area in order to avoid bothering the privacy of the guests. 

Parking & Security Post

A huge sliding ironwood gate gives access to the property and the parking area which is paved by concrete blocks covered with grass and capable to accommodate several cars and motorcycles. A security post is placed next to the main gate so the security officers assist guests when arriving or leaving the villa. The security officers will be in the security post at night while the staff is resting to control the access and assist guests if needed.